Public Commissioners Institution (PC) has been established and operates under Article 179 / b and the Annex to the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and Law no. 84/2016, “On the Transitional re-evaluation of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania” as a body of the transitional re-evaluation system of judges and prosecutors, with a view to guaranteeing and functioning the rule of law and Independence in the justice system, as well as the reinstatement of public confidence in the institutions of this system.

Public Commissioners Institution exercises its functions as a constitutional independent and impartial institution based on the principles of equality under the law, of the constitutionality, legality, proportionality and other principles guaranteeing the right of the subjects of re-evaluation for a regular legal process. Public Commissioners Institution guaranties the confidentially of information and the protection of personal data.

Public Commissioners represent the public interest throughout the Justice Reform process, guaranteeing the functioning of the Rule of Law and the Independence of the Judiciary, and restoring public confidence in the institutions of the justice system.


  • “To represent the public interest in the transition process through the exercise of the right to appeal against the decisions of the Independent Qualification Commission, guided by the principle of impartiality and independence, due process, transparency and spirit of cooperation, restoring public confidence in the institutions of this system.”


a. Appeal to the Appeal Chamber the decisions of the Independent Qualification Commission, within 15 days after the notification (under Article 63 of Law No. 84/2016).

b. Prepares a written report on the reasons of refusing recommendations from The International Monitoring Mission (IMO) to submit a complaint to the Appeal Chamber (under constitutional annex, Section B “International Monitoring Operation”).

c. It adopts rules on the activity of the institution (Article 69/3 of Law No. 84/2016).

To fulfill all the tasks entrusted by the Constitution and the law, the Public Commissioners are supported by the Legal Service Unit and the Administrative Unit