Florian Ballhysa

Public Commissioner

Mr. Florian Ballhysa was born in Tirana, in 1978. He completed his university studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana, where he graduated in 2001. In 2008, Mr. Ballhysa won the title “Master in European Studies” from the University of Tirana. Mr. Florian Ballhysa’s professional experience includes his engagements as a lawyer, legal advisor and independent legal consultant. He has worked for many years at the Ministry of Justice, the High Court, the Parliament of Albania, and projects funded by international organizations. Since 1999, Florian Ballhysa has been an active part of civil society, as a member of the assembly, board member and recently chairman of the assembly of the Albanian Helsinki Committee. By decision No. 82/2017 of the Albanian Parliament, Mr. Florian Ballhysa was elected Public Commissioner.



Irena Nino

Public Commissioner

Mrs. Irena Nino was born in Shkodër, in 1963. She completed her university studies at the University of Tirana, major in Law, whereof was graduated as a lawyer in 1985. For about 20 years she has worked in the Prosecution system, in Shkodra District Prosecution Office, General Prosecution Office, Tirana Prosecution Office. Mrs. Nino has been a member of the Independent Judicial Reform Monitoring Commission, elected by the Albanian Assembly. With decision no. 62 of the year 2021, of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania, Mrs. Nino has been elected to the position of Public Commissioner in the Institution of the Public Commissioners