Legal Service Unit

Eriona Xhaferi

Economic Advisor

Mrs. Xhaferi was graduated in 2004 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana with a DND degree in Finance. In 2008 she completed the post-university studies and got a Master’s degree in European Economic Studies at the Faculty of Economics – University of Tirana.
Mrs. Xhaferi has a long experience in the banking system starting from 2004 until February 2018. Until 2007 Mrs. Xhaferi held the position of finance specialist at the Finance Department and later on, from 2007 – 2010 she held the position of specialist at the Internal Audit Department.
In 2010 Mrs. Xhaferi was appointed Deputy Head of the Internal Audit Department at one of the main second-tier Banks in Albania, a position that she held until February 2018.
Mrs. Xhaferi has carried out various trainings and has some qualifications in the International Financial Reporting Standards for Banks, fraud recognition and prevention, internal financial system, auditing risk management, Risk Driven Internal Audit, Quality Assurance and Improvement Program and leading with emotional intelligence. She has very a good knowledge of English and Italian language. Since March 2018, Mrs. Xhaferi was appointed as Economic Advisor in the Legal Unit at the Institution of Public Commissioners.


Geldjon Hysolli

Legal Advisor

In 2009, Mr. Geldjon Hysolli is graduated as a lawyer at Faculty of Justice, University of Tirana, with very good results. In 2011 has finished a post degree study, Master on public and constitutional law at European University of Tirana.
From 2012 he become a lawyer, licensed by the National Bar Association Albania. Prior to his current engagement as an legal advisor to the Legal Service Unit at the Public Commissioners, Mr. Hysolli was part of the Legal Service of the Albanian Parliament, working with dedication and professionalism in fulfilling his duties in the legislative process, parliamentary control, representation of the Assembly in all levels of the judiciary and the Constitutional Court, etc. During 8 years of professional experience at the Albanian Parliament, he has participated in many specializations, conferences and seminars abroad, mainly on issues of legislative process, national security, European enlargement, parliamentary control, etc. He has very good knowledge of English language and good knowledge in Italian language.


Ermela Zaimi

Legal Advisor

Mrs. Ermela Zaimi has graduated as a “Jurist” in 2000, in the Faculty of Law of the Tirana University, with excellent academic results. She has a professional experience working as a lawyer for over fifteen years, both in the public and privaye sector.
From 2000 on until 2004 she has worked as a legal counsel in privately owned commercial companies. From 2004 on, until 2009 she has held the position of the spokeswoman of the Tirana District Court. In 2009 she started to work as a lawyer in Banka Societe Generale Albania, until 2018, serving as a lawyer in the General Directorate, in the Risk Management Departement.
In the course of her proffessional career she has succesfully attended and completed several training activities and programms, in Albania and abroad, related to the management of the judicial case flow, public procurement management and procedures, banking legislation, protection of the personal data, and consulting and management of civil constructing works contracts.
In 2015 she has successully completed and graduated her Masters Degree at the Faculty of Law of the Tirana University, after a two years study programme in “EU Bussines Law”. She is proficient in two foreign languages, English and Italian.


Jetmira Rragami

Legal Advisor

Mrs. Jetmira Rragami, is graduated in Law at University “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Shkodra in 2003.
She holds a Master Degree in Civil law, from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. She concluded there her doctorate studies in 2018, and currently holds a PHD degree in Law.
In 2004 she became a Lawyer, licensed by the National Bar Association, Albania. Her professional career started in 2004, working as a specialist/lawyer in the legal office of OSHEE (KESH / DVSH) Shkodra, and at the same time as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University “Luigj Gurakuqi” Shkodra. From October 2008 to August 2014, Mrs. Rragami started working as full time lecturer and later in charge of the Department of Public Law at “Kristal” University. Then, she worked at the General Directorate of Customs, as a specialist/lawyer in the Legislation Sector, at the Legal Department. She was part of the working group for drafting the implementing provisions of Law 102/2014 for the “Customs Code of the Republic of Albania”.
She has conducted a series of trainings at home and abroad and is author and coauthor of a number of research papers and articles published in national and international journals. Her research interests are related to comparative and commercial law. She speaks fluently English, Italian, and has a good command of French. From February 2018, Mrs. Rragami is part of the Public Commissioner Institution at the Legal Unit, as a legal adviser.


Luljeta Sulaj

Economics Advisor

Mrs. Sulaj has completed her studies at the Faculty of Economic at the Tirana University in the 1987. She owns a Master Public Administration degree, of the Nebraska University Program near the Economic Faculty of Tirana University, in 2007. She is entitled “Internal Audit in the Public Sector” in the 2006 and “Fiscal Expert” in the 2008. She has very good knowledge in English and she has good command of Italian.
She has finished a lot of professional trainings and qualifications abroad and into Albania, focused in the anti-corruption issues, fraud in the public funds, financial management, public auditing, inspections, administrative investigation, abuse of the dominant position of enterprises, etc.
She has a long professional experience mainly in the public sector but also in the private sector too. She has worked as inspector for economic issues at the Anti-Corruption Unit and the Department of Internal Control and Anticorruption in the Council of Ministers during 2001-2006, as inspector at the Department of Control for the Projects and Investments with Foreign Financing at Albania State Supreme Audit Institution, during 2006 – 2007, as inspector at the Directorate of Market Surveillance and Investigation at the Albania Competition Authority, during 2008 – 2018. Previously, she has worked in the private sector as a specialist finance at the foreign oil production company “Kitari Oil”, as audit at the General Directorate of Students Center, also she has worked as specialist for financial and administrative issues in non-profit associations, for various projects with international organizations funds, etc.


Alfred Avdulaj

Legal Advisor

 Mr.Alfred Avdulaj is graduated in 2002 at the Univeristy of Tirana,Faculty of Law. Prior to his current engagement in the function of Legal Advisor, starting from July 2001 until February 2018, he served in various positions in legal structures at several ministries (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Transport, Urban Development, Energy and Infrastructure) as well as an inspector at Property Restitution and Compensation Agency (AKKP). During his 17-years professional experience at Public Administration, at the central level, he has participated in many specializations, conferences and seminars in the country and abroad, mainly on issues of legislative process, approximation of EU  Acqui ,  legislation, co-operation in the field of order and security, urban planning and development. With the motivation to serve the strengthening and enhancement of the professional knowledge of public officials, he has been engaged for 2 years as a trainer at the Public Administration School. Mr. Avdulaj has a very good English language and has good knowledge of Italian.