20 December 2018

The Public Commissioner was present today at the Appeal Chamber, while continued the review of the appeal filed by this Institution against the Decision No. 22/2018, of the Independent Qualification Commission, for the subject of re-evaluation Mr. Edmond Islamaj, Judge at the Supreme Court.

Today at the hearing, the Adjudication Panel decided to take as a new evidence, a notarial declaration submitted by the subject of re-evaluation, during his explanations, on the manner of the acquisition value from the sale of the vehicle “Range Rover”.

The Adjudication Panel decided to adjourn the hearing, in order to request to the legal advisors at the Appeal Chamber to assess the effect of new evidences obtained during the judicial deliberation.

The next hearing session is scheduled, on January 15. 2019, at 12:00 p.m.

Pursuant on point 1, Article 16 of the Regulation “On the Activity of the Institution of Public Commissioners”, the appeal and elements of the case are published on the official website: www.ikp.al

The Institution of Public Commissioners has been established and operates under Article 179/b  the Annex of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania and Law No. 84/2016, “On the Transitional Re-evaluation of Judges and Prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”.

Public Commissioners represent the public interest during the process of re-evaluation of judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania.​