A. Introduction


  1. The Privacy Policy to our visitors: www.ikp.al is of great importance to us and we are maximally engaged and committed to protecting it.

This Privacy Policy explains our technique and work with personal data and their information collecting practices of the subjects as follows:

a. Of persons in cases of denunciations for the subjects of the transitional re-evaluation in the “DENOUNCE” column;

b. Of visitors / in the columns “TRANSPARENCY” AND “CONTACTS“.

  1. Privacy directive to personal data used in accordance with the terms of this policy a hosting service are useful every time you visit our website.


  1. The PC uses your information only in exercising its function under Law no. 84, dated August 30, 2016, and to personalize the reserved communication after processing and administering your claims / complaint or denunciations.


  1. The PC staff are subject to the obligation to preserve the confidentiality of the information, through the accessible form of the Confidentiality Declaration, from the recruitment stage. The PC provides guidance and training to its staff for an adequate understanding and implementation of their responsibilities in respecting the security of information.


B. Legislation

This document  is drafted in support of and pursuant to Law no. 9887, dated March 10, 2008, “On the Protection of Personal Data”, as  amended of Law no. 60/2016, “On the Signalization Protection and Protection of Signalizes ” and the regulation “On the Protection, Processing, Storage and Security of Personal Data with the Institution of Public Commissioner (PC)”.


 C. The security of your personal data



1.Log Data on reporting persons for the Transitional Re-evaluation Subjects

Pursuant to Article 53 of Law no. 84/2016, “On the Transitional  re-evaluation  of Judges and Prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”, Article 20 of the Regulation “On the Protection, Processing, Storage and Security of Personal Data with  the Institution of Public Commissioners”, the PC through the “Denunciation Form “for the public , in the column “DENOUNCE “, collects personal information about the Denunciator, such as: Name / Father / Surname / E-mail / No. personal identification / Address / Phone / Cell / and for the Transitional Re-evaluation Subject , such as: Name / Surname / Court / Prosecution where he / she has worked.

These data are collected, stored and cannot be used for purposes other than collection.

a.The rights and interests of persons who denounce, are automatically protected reliably, efficiently and appropriately, according to the standards provided for in Law no. 60/2016, “On the Signalization Protection and Protection of Signalizes”.

b.The decision of the Public Commissioner for appeal or no-appeal is published on the official website of the institution. In the application form any personal data of the re-evaluation subject to the anonymous process is encoded with the symbol of the stars “***”.


2. Visitors data on our website

The PC, through the official website: www.ikp.al; is assisting its visitors, interested and not only, by presenting the legal framework that applies to the exercise of the institution’s function, providing information on Appeal or No-appeal, information on the procedures to be followed to make a claim for information, a denunciation, as well as information on the postal and electronic address for filing requests for information and denunciations.

To the Visitors of www.ikp.al , the “CONTACTS” column requires the following personal details: Name / Email Address and the “TRANSPARENCY” column are required to provide the following information: “Name / Surname / Postal Address / Electronic Address / No .tel.

The purpose of collecting this information for visitors to our site is to respond to requests / questions regarding certain services; to evaluate and improve the service, as well as for statistical effects, to see the number of visitors, always unidentifiable.


D. Security System

The PC uses contemporary technology to protect the security and confidentiality of the personal data of subjects. Our security procedures are continually improving with new technologies. The storage environment servers and other devices are surveyed with cameras and can only be accessed by the PC staff.

This privacy policy only covers our website and no other sites related to it.


 E. How to Contact Us?



For any questions / requests for information or complaint regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us at:

Boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”;

Administrative Unit no. 5;

Postal code: 1019, No. 8;

E-mail: info@ikp.al

E-mail: sekretaria@ikp.al


Changing or updating this privacy policy will be notified to you on this website.